Friday 24 August 2018

How to appear for the Exam

These examinations are conducted once in every six months - in February and in August. There are no enrollment fees for these examinations. The questionnaire is published in Marathi and other regional languages in the newspaper, “Dainik Pratyaksha”, started by Sadguru Shree Aniruddha.   

The candidates appearing for this exam are supposed to pick the reference to the context from the tales and characters from the Saisatcharit, the teachings from those lessons and also from the glory of Shree Sainath.

The Bhaktas (candidates) are supposed to connect these references to their own or the relevant experiences of other Shraddhavans known to them and write the paper. The paper is supposed to be submitted in 20 days from the day of publication.

In their answer papers, Shraddhavans also write about the work carried out by Sadguru in various areas and at various levels, their beautiful experiences about Sadguru and the greatness of Sadguru's grace. This in turn strengthens Shraddha, Bhakti and love in one’s heart and intensifies his faith and willingness to walk on the Divine Path. The candidates study at home, answer their question papers and send their answer sheets directly to Shree Saisamartha Vidnyan Prabodhini office via post or courier. 

Initially, these examinations were conducted at designated examination centres. Examinees were also imparted coaching for the practical examinations. Sadguru Shree Aniruddha personally used to teach them practicals on Science and Spirituality.

Our Sanstha (institution) has also published a book to guide the candidates for the Panchami examination practicals. The book describes the inseparable connection between the practical questions and various anecdotes in Saisatcharit in detail. Based on this, Panchami candidates are required to submit their completed practical’s journal book for assessment.  

The nature of these examinations has changed over the years. But the interest and response to these examinations has not diminished. Thousands of Shraddhavans appear for this examination every year. Candidates residing outside Mumbai as well as rest of the Maharashtra and abroad are very keen to take these examinations. As a result of their continuous study of Saisatcharit, many Shraddhavans have learnt the verses from Shree Saisatcharit by heart. They can very easily and accurately recall that a particular verse appears in a particular Chapter. This is the biggest and most important success of these examinations. 

These papers are evaluated like answer papers of any other examination. Candidates are given their assessment scores. While evaluating the papers, the focus is not on what is written in the answer sheets, but with what sentiments have the answers been written.  A prize distribution ceremony is organized in the month of January every year, under the guidance of Sadguru Shree Aniruddha, to felicitate the candidates who achieve special distinctions. Candidates achieving distinctions in the examinations are felicitated with a trophy (and also Certificates of Appreciation for the Panchami examination). A musical, entertainment programme and refreshments are also organized along with the felicitation ceremony.

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