Friday 24 August 2018

Why to appear for the Exam

Through these examinations, Saduguru Shree Aniruddha, has opened the treasure of Bhakti, Seva and Prem for the Shraddhavans. He has also unveiled this invaluable treasure for the Shraddhavans  without expecting anything in return. What a blessing! This is “Sahaj Dharma”!

Reading (rather studying) Saisatcharit helps us to understand the lives of Bhaktas of Shree Sainath, their experiences, their demeanour and the transformation that took place in their lives due to the close association with Shree Sainath. All this opens up the beauty of the Sadgurutattva, -  unmerited grace (Akaran Karunya),  Sadguru's love without expecting anything in return (Unconditional Love) and of Sadguru Leela. These examinations introduce us to Sadguru's Swaroop (form) - of truth, love and joy and that of sanctity( Pavitrya) and Restraint (Maryada).

Therefore, every Shraddhavan should appear for these examinations so as to make their life more worthy, meaningful. 

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